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A Loaf of Bread and a Grand Old Flag is the sixteenth episode of the second season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on February 21, 2019.


Things spiral out of control when Sheldon boycotts his favorite bread company. Also, Georgie offers Veronica a shoulder to cry on when she's dumped by her boyfriend.[1]

Extended Plot[]

Adult Sheldon recalls how a particular childhood incident started with bread. Young Sheldon and Tam are having lunch when Sheldon cringes at the sandwich which he feels was made differently. Tam offers to trade his dumplings for it. Sheldon passes and calls his mother Mary, who assures him that the sandwich is made with the same bread, peanut butter and jelly. Dissatisfied, Sheldon tests a science on it and determines it's only with the bread's taste. At recess, Georgie notices Veronica is upset and asks if everything is okay. She has broken up with Dustin. Georgie promises that he will be there as a friend.

At home, Mary shows Sheldon the bread packet at home so he can get his confidence back up. She asks Missy if her sandwich tasted different, who has zero idea as she traded it for Ding Dongs. George tastes the bread and agrees with Sheldon. Mary believes it is all due to Sheldon's taste buds changing due to puberty. With Tam, he tries to give the bread another try and is sure the bread is going through puberty.

Sheldon and Tam go to the mart. Looking at the prices, Tam realizes why their marts are killing his parents’ business. Sheldon asks one of the employees if something's changed about the bread. It turns out the guy has no idea as $3.35/per hour for stacking shelves isn't worth the worry. Tam compares it to his $5/week and secretly decides to sue his folks in the future against child labor laws. Sheldon suddenly picks up a loaf that says “A subsidiary of the Domestic Food Corporation” unlike it had before. He tastes a slice and confirms that has to be the odd bread.   After going home Sheldon call up Happy Hearth Home Bakeries complaining about bread tasting different ever since it's been bought out by Domestic Food Corporation. The customer care person recites a scripted monologue as to how their new acquisition hasn't affected product quality, instead allowed faster and cheaper production.   Georgie joins Veronica at Waffle House where she disappointingly talks about Dustin whom she thought would be interested in Christian life, but he turned out to be just like other guys. She asks Georgie if he can just be her friend. He reminds her that even after being punched and rejected he's still there eating waffles by her side. He assures her of being a good friend. Quoting the “We make bread cheaper and faster” statement Sheldon, accompanied by Meemaw, starts a petition against the bakeries standing in front of the mart taking signatures. Most people decline but he stays put. Looking at the grim participation, Meemaw suggests heading back home, but Sheldon reveals he's expecting Channel 7 who he'd called earlier to do coverage his Classic American story of “Little Guy vs. Corporate Greed.” Meemaw is puzzled and left gaping as the news crew drives down for real and position their boom mic right above her grandson's head for the Classic Americana tale!   The duo reach home in time to catch their coverage. Mary and George are shell-shocked to hear what Sheldon said. According to him, Domestic Food Corp has no right to change bakery production rate and costs and that a centralized control would have prevented it from happening. Twisting it, the reporter asks if he's suggesting that Texas needs communist form of governance. Sheldon, kinda confused, says yes.

George suffers a panic attack. Mary asks him to calm down hoping that people wouldn't have watched the 4 o’clock news much. Sheldon; however, wishes the opposite. Meemaw rushes home to display and stand with the American flag in front of her house. Mary and George follow the drill.

Brenda Sparks, Billy's mother, rings the door and Mary answers the door while the phone rings. She asks Mary to ensure Sheldon does not interact with Billy by filling his head with crazy communist ideas. Mary is furious and tells her that she saw Billy sit on an egg and try to hatch it. Much to her anger, she accuses Mary of spying on him as she walks off in denial. The person on the phone was a magazine reporter, and George hastily apologizes and hangs up the phone, preventing Sheldon from making the situation worse. In school, kids pick on Sheldon and Georgie telling them to go back to Russia; this act he finds odd as he has never been there, though Georgie pays attention to the people hating them. Tam tells him that his mom left a note on his lunch box saying, “Do not talk to Sheldon.~ Mom.” Sheldon does not bother. At lunch, George is eating lunch when he is joined by Veronica. She does not care that he's being labelled a communist knowing that he isn't one, and asks if he knows what he means. They eat. George is summoned to the principal's office. The principal tells him that parents do not want a suspected communist coaching their kids at school. George explains how Sheldon was just confused with bread tasting different and asks for another chance. The principal decides to not do anything unless he receives a similar complaint. Meanwhile, Pastor Jeff is talking to Mary at her position as it seems it is a departure from church beliefs. Mary clears out the sandwich incident and how Sheldon's words were played out wrongly. She asks for another chance as well. All the incidents and public force George to make an appearance along with Sheldon on Channel 7 in order to clear up the recent miscommunication. He stresses on how he and his family have fought for this country that they deeply love and that Sheldon is just ten years old, not a communist and loves his country too. That night at dinner, Sheldon tells his family how he's decided to give the bread another chance and now that he's accepting change he's not finding it as bad as before and it definitely toasts well. There's no reaction from anybody. He realizes that everybody is giving him the silent treatment for his past actions, but he still feels this step has been a positive stride in his personal growth and he'd like to call it maturity. There's still no response as his family focuses on eating their dinners, rather than pay any attention to him. Sheldon decides to try and seek opinion the following day and goes back into the silence, just like everybody else.





  • Katherine Von Till as Anchor
  • Travis Guba as Pete





  • Missy is the only member of the Cooper family that wasn't seen getting shunned by others for being a suspected communist. However Sheldon wasn't emotionally affected by getting called a traitor.