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"A Live Chicken, a Fried Chicken and Holy Matrimony" is the eleventh episode of the third season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. It aired on January 9, 2020.


George Sr. and Meemaw struggle to manage the Cooper household while Mary plans Pastor Jeff's wedding.

Extended Plot[]

The Coopers are at the Sunday mass. Pastor Jeff speaks on the significance of love whilst eyeing his girlfriend, officer Robin. It turns out that Mary set them up. She's proud of it and shares it with Meemaw who's more interested in munching candy. Missy goes green with jealousy, but Sheldon remains indifferent.

After the mass, Billy and his mother Brenda meet with the pastor. Billy's dad wants to eat Matilda, his pet chicken, as she's not laying eggs anymore and Billy wants to know if she'd go to heaven. Pastor Jeff offers him solace by saying yes.

Soon, Jeff and Robin speak to Mary in private and ask her to arrange a low-key wedding, due in a week. Mary wonders if Robin is pregnant. It turns out that the abstaining couple can't wait any longer to act on their physical urges. Mary is surprised and overjoyed. She rushes home and shares this news with George, asking him to take up some household responsibility while she gets busy with wedding prep. George wishes that Meemaw took up the slack around the house.

Missy visits Billy and checks up on Matilda. She realizes that he looked after the chicken ever since she was a chick. So, she can't let him see her die. She then gets an idea!

Adult Sheldon recalls how marvelous an invention the home video cassette recorder was while we see young him excitedly putting in the “Star Trek” cassette and settling down to watch it at peace. His happiness is short-lived as he realizes that Georgie taped over it with a “Baywatch” episode. Sheldon complains to dad but his anger is ignored. Sheldon slams the door as silently as possible in retaliation.

Mary visits Pastor Jeff to discuss the wedding, flowers, cake, centerpieces, and guest numbers. Having been married before, Jeff stresses that he wants it to be a bare-bones affair and hopes to have a small guest list. Mary, however, explains that it's Robin's first time as a bride and wants it to be memorable. She argues that invitations to the congregation are a must. Jeff panics a little.

Sheldon calls Tam and Dr. Sturgis to arrange for a copy of “Star Trek,” but remains unsuccessful. He next goes online to seek help from other fans. Suddenly, he hears some bird noises from the closet and leaps out of his room screaming after he finds Matilda sneaking inside. Sheldon locks the bird inside his room. Missy explains why she did it while Georgie enters the scene holding a KFC bucket. Missy is appalled. She snatches the bucket from him and vanishes into the washroom.

Jeff and Mary go cake shopping. While Mary is mesmerized by the beautiful tier cakes, Jeff is baffled by their towering prices. He suggests a dingdong cake carved like a heart and how it'd be just as good. Mary snaps at his stinginess and they start to look for more affordable options.   Overwhelmed by Matilda on loose, “Baywatch” instead of “Star Trek” and losing his KFC bucket to Missy, George calls Meemaw for help. While they have their banter, Georgie brings a girl named Jana home. They lock themselves up in his room. Meemaw asks George to take care of this while she focuses on life and fried chicken.

Jeff and Mary are now buying gowns and tuxedos. Jeff picks one fast but Mary gets emotional over a beautiful wedding gown.

Meemaw orders George to talk to Georgie before it gets too late while she asks Missy to get the bucket out. Missy wonders if the fried bird was Matilda's friend. Meemaw explains that it was a Kentucky native. George asks the young couple to keep the door ajar and stay away from the bed. Jana and Georgie follow as ordered. George is proud but Meemaw insists that he give Georgie the “talk.” Just then Missy informs them about a clogged toilet. It seems that the fried chicken didn't flush well. George curses himself as he is on unclogging duty. Missy and Meemaw take Matilda home while Sheldon panics in a spacesuit to keep himself safe. He gives Georgie an earful for taping over “Star Trek,” as well. Jana leaves after getting bored.

Mary remembers how she never got to have her dream walk down the aisle as she was busy hiding her bump and feels that she got thrown into motherhood long before she could’ve even experienced new marital bliss. Jeff alleviates her morals by calling her a role model and her journey as an inspiration for him and Robin. Mary apologizes for stealing their thunder and soon mutually agrees with Jeff that she sucks at wedding management.

Meemaw and George go to Georgie's room for the talk, but he wishes that only George would discuss it with him. Meemaw walks out happily and soon finds Sheldon watching “Star Trek” with a stranger in their living room. It seems that his name is Nathan (Steve Burns). He is a big “Star Trek” fan and had the video. Meemaw asks him to leave, but Nathan says that he'll leave with his cassette. Sheldon can't let that happen. So, Meemaw sits between the two as both watches it to the end.

George compares protection to baseball protection gear and tries his best to convey the message to Georgie. Both feel uncomfortable and Georgie soon asks him to leave. George is relieved and he hops back to the living room witnessing the odd “Star Trek” audience. Nathan is about to leave. Sheldon imagines him disappearing as a “Star Trek” universe character. Adult Sheldon is still elated at this possibility of his childhood imagination.

Jeff and Robin are finally getting married under holy matrimony. After the exchange of vows, Pastor Dave asks Jeff to kiss the bride. Their kiss lasts a little longer than people would expect. With things getting hot and heavy, the couple soon hurries down the stairs and they rush to a room. Missy wonders where they went. Sheldon thinks they'll finally unwrap their presents. They do, indeed!








  • Matt Hobby and Mary Grill are married in real life.