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"A Launch Party and a Whole Human Being" is the fourteenth episode of season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on March 2, 2023.


The Coopers can't be found as Mandy goes into labor. Also, Sheldon is excited about the launch of his database.[1]


At Meemaw's house, Mandy and Georgie discussed the baby's name while Georgie was building the crib.

George, Meemaw, and Mary are making breakfast. Mary mentions it is Sheldon's big day for the launch party at 5:00 PM for the Grant Database Project. Sheldon comes in and is excited. Meemaw says she has somewhere to be. She secretly had hemorrhoids and went to the hospital to get it checked. Missy dismisses the idea of calling the event a party.

Mary was working at Medford Lanes when Brenda Sparks stopped to pick up her check. Mary asked Brenda if she had anything planned for her day off. Brenda said she had nothing special planned. Mary asked if Brenda was seeing her mystery man. Brenda said she just wanted her check. Mary apologized for prying. Brenda said there was no mystery man. A phone call came in, and it was Pastor Rob. Pastor Rob asked Mary to lunch. Mary said she was available. She agreed and hung up the phone.

Georgie was shopping for a car seat at the store Lullabies Baby Emporium. Georgie asked which one was the best. Bruce, the shopkeeper, recommended the most expensive one to him, and Georgie asks for the second best. Bruce says the first ride home with a newborn from the hospital can be the toughest ride. Georgie decides to purchase the expensive one.

Sheldon was at home sitting on the sofa when Mandy called. Mandy asked if Georgie or any adult at home, a query Sheldon replies that he is the only one. He said he had an IQ of 187 and could help with what was troubling her. Mandy said her water had broken, and she was in labor. Sheldon went to Meemaw's house wearing dish gloves, but Mandy tells him that he does not need to deliver the baby and that she needs to go to the hospital. Sheldon goes to ask Brenda Sparks, who drives them to Medford Community Hospital.

Mary and Pastor Rob have lunch at Lulu's Corner Cafe. He said he had been helping Pastor Jeff hold things together at the church. Rob wanted to ask for her advice as he was offered a new job at First Baptist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas since they needed a youth pastor. Meanwhile, Georgie attempts but fails to put on the car seat, as the phone keeps ringing in the house.

Mandy is in the room with Sheldon and Brenda, and is getting impatient. Sheldon and Brenda go and sit outside because the doctor came. George comes in and tells Sheldon to leave. George talks to Brenda. Mary comes in and feels weird about the two talking, with Pastor Rob in tow.

At Medford Middle School, Missy and Billy Sparks can't figure out why their parents haven't arrived to pick them up from school. Billy reminds her of the frequent meetings between her father and his mother in the chicken coop, which she frequently dismisses. Back at the hospital, Mary and George have an argument, as both suspect each other of conducting a secret affair. Brenda reminds Mary to not throw stones while living in glass houses. Audrey and Jim McAllister come in and are wondering why their daughter is alone. Mandy was wandering the halls due to impatience and encounters Meemaw, who confirms she was there as a patient. She brings Mandy back to the delivery room.

Unable to wait any longer, Missy decides to walk home from school, and Billy follows her. He continues to bring up the possibility of George and Brenda having an affair and how it will impact the relationship he wants with her, but Missy keeps trying to dodge the subject. Finally, he addresses the scene from the first Star Wars movie, where Luke Skywalker kisses Princess Leia without knowing they were brother and sister.

Sheldon asks if a receptionist has a modem, but she does not know what it is, but says there is a fax machine. He then sees Georgie sitting outside, and George tells him that he thinks he is not ready to be a father. Sheldon sits in the car as they go home, and a short conversation convinces Georgie to be a father to the child. He turns the car around and goes straight back to the hospital, while Sheldon fixes the car seat.

At the delivery room, the adults are there, and Mandy pushes the child. Georgie enters the room and everyone leaves the room. The baby is delivered, and Mandy and the baby sleep. Georgie comes out and tells them the name is Constance, named after Meemaw. Everyone is overjoyed, except Sheldon who finds out that nobody has subscribed to his newly launched database. Meanwhile, Mary tells George she will be staying at Meemaw's for a little while, and the rest of the family suddenly realizes Missy is nowhere to be found.