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A House for Sale and Serious Woman Stuff is the nineteenth episode of Season 3 of Young Sheldon. The episode aired on April 2, 2020.


When Sheldon learns the house next door is for sale, he takes it upon himself to find the perfect neighbors. Also, Missy is torn when she's forced to pitch against her boyfriend at the baseball game.

Extended Plot[]

Sheldon and Missy are watching TV. They take money from Mary and soon gather outside in front of an ice cream truck that's arrived in their neighborhood. The otherwise perfect Saturday gets ruined for Sheldon as he notices that the house next door is up for sale. He rushes to his mom worrying about pets and odd scents of cigarettes or scented candles that their future neighbors might have. She asks him to remain optimistic as he could very well get a friend of his age. Sheldon hates kids and now feels worse.   Missy goes to Meemaw's to discuss serious woman stuff and reveals about having a boyfriend. She gushes about Marcus and adds that they've not yet gone on dates or held hands but a “Will you be my girlfriend? Yes/ No” note made it official. Sheldon suspiciously peers at the strangers visiting the open house next door and tells dad that maybe it's being used to hoard drugs. George explains how an open house works. Sheldon makes a visit to assess suitable neighbors and is amused to find Mr. Lundy as the realtor in-charge. This is Lundy's weekend job outside his full-time roles as a teacher and an actor.

Missy is feeling worried because Marcus plays baseball too and she doesn't want to strike him out like she does to all other boys as it could break them up. Meemaw asks her not to play bad on purpose and hopes that Marcus respects her granddaughter if she manages to strike him out. Lundy meets Mary and asks her to get Sheldon out of the open house as he's scaring away buyers by asking them inappropriate questions. At school, Tam finds Sheldon reading about Property Code. Sheldon reads that past homicides plummet sales and he gives Officer Robin a call to find if there's any bad history associated with the house. He asks Tam to inform Mr. Givens that he'll be late to class. Givens is elated. Officer Robin lets Sheldon know about a ninety-six-year-old man dying from natural causes back in 1948. Sheldon wishes there was foul play involved. Meemaw is with Dale at his sports goods store. She tries coaxing him into not putting Missy as a pitcher for the next baseball game, after sharing the news about her crush issues. Dale doesn't care and won't substitute his pitcher for young love. Meemaw tries to change his mind by getting all romantic.

Lundy's taking a theatre class. At the end of it, he asks the students to contact him in case their families are looking for a new place. After the class disperses off, Sheldon approaches him to know about the buyer status. Irritated, Lundy asks him to find a “suitable” one himself and then get back to him. Thrilled, Sheldon approaches all his teachers but all of them decline by either stating monetary issues or how living next to him is completely out of the question. Principal Petersen declines too by stating a made-up rule about principals and students not being allowed to live next door. Pastor Jeff approaches Mary about Robin being interested in the open house but finds her less thrilled. Mary denies feeling grim and says that she's thrilled to have her boss live next door! At dinner, Sheldon asks George to buy the house and then rent it to people pre-approved by him. When his dad says that he can't afford it, Sheldon turns to Georgie. It turns out that he'll stay far away if and when he does buy a house and it's got to have a hot tub. Mary demands that Sheldon has to stop fixating on the open house and whom his potential neighbors are, as he was being rude to the potential buyers, harassing his teachers and his principal on the matter. She then notes about Pastor Jeff and his wife Robin being interested too. Sheldon loves the idea as there will be extra security with Officer Robin being there but George gets Mary's apprehension. Sheldon asks his dad not to worry about his own boss and reveals what Principal Peterson told him as the reason. Missy guesses that it's made up.

The next day Mary continues to struggle with Pastor Jeff's situation as he tries sarcastically bringing up the neighbor issue. Mary begs Jesus to give her strength and immediately her eyes catch the sight of a cushion which has “Love Thy Neighbor” stitched on it. Sheldon lets Mr. Lundy know that he can't be of help any longer as his mom has prohibited him. Lundy is ecstatic but tries to act devastated in front of him. At the game, Dale notices how sad Missy looks while standing to pitch against Marcus. Meemaw's words come back to him and he asks Missy to sit back as he asks someone else to pitch this time as he wants to save her arm for the big playoff. Missy is relieved. Billy wonders if he'll be spared, too. Dale says no. Mary apologizes to Pastor Jeff for her behavior and says that they’d love to have them as neighbors. Jeff is happy and lets her know that Robin has already finalized on it. Mary looks shaken. Seeing her team lose, Missy decides to strike Marcus out and in the process learns that Meemaw revealed everything to Dale about her crush. She is amused by her coach going soft and gets on the field. She strikes Marcus out bringing victory for her team. After the game Marcus and Missy hi-five one another and he holds her hand. Elated, Missy runs all the way to Meemaw's and lets her know about the win and the “holding of hand.” The bell rings. Mary finds Robin and Jeff outside. It turns out that they are officially neighbors. Mary's genuinely happy and so is Sheldon, until the couple lets them know that they're expecting.

Sheldon rushes back to his room, ready to apply for college, when Jeff teases him about being their future babysitter.






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