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"A High-Pitched Buzz and Training Wheels" is the first episode of the second season and series premiere episode of the American comedy Young Sheldon. This episode aired on September 24, 2018.

Extended Plot[]

Sheldon remembers the times where he was super sensitive to anything. Sheldon eats cinnamon gum given by Missy. As a result, he runs to the kitchen sink to rinse out his mouth. His dad George retorts with “sure sure”, dismissive as he is used to this shenanigan. Sheldon has super smell, which makes him able to smell the feet of his brother in another room. While at the dinner table, Sheldon is disturbed by noises he hears. He complains about a buzzing noise but no one else hears. George listens to the fridge, which is something that Sheldon complains that has changed slightly in noise.

At night, Sheldon is not able to sleep because he hears the buzzing of the fridge. His sister Missy tells him to put his fingers into his ears, and then Missy falls asleep. Later Sheldon is found asleep in Meemaw's bed because as could not sleep in his.

At school, Sheldon sits with his friend Tam Nguyen, and asks about psychological torture. Sheldon thinks he could get a book on repairs for a refrigerator. At home, Sheldon begins to take apart the refrigerator, encouraged by Missy. His mother is not very happy about the mess left in the kitchen. A mechanic is called and says a repair would cost $200, an amount of money that they could not afford; the mechanic awkwardly walks into another room. George confronts Sheldon and makes it clear he is very angry and very disappointed, and he expects Sheldon to pay him back the money for the repairs. Sheldon is reduced to tears, and while Missy claims to enjoy his pain she still gives him a comforting hug.

Soon, at the family table, Sheldon tells the family that he wants a job as a paperboy; this requires a bicycle. Sheldon asks George, his brother, to teach him. Both stand at their house in the early morning and receive a paper from a person in a car. Sheldon takes the paper and folds it in a manner he approves of. Meanwhile, his parents are watching them and worried for him. Sheldon is not happy with the ink he got on his hands.

The next few days, Sheldon uses his learned skills to delivery newspapers to the neighborhood, while his mother watches from her car.

In school, Sheldon receives disciplinary action as he is stressed. the job turns out to be difficult and stressful. In the end, Sheldon learns from the work that he will never be irritating to family and friends. For a few months, Sheldon continues his work as a paperboy by giving it to Billy Sparks. In the end, he repays his father.





  • Josh Latzer as Hank
  • Nick Alvarez as Derek