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"A God-Fearin' Baptist and a Hot Trophy Husband" is the nineteenth episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on April 21, 2022.


George and Mary insist on meeting the new woman in Georgie's life. Also, Sheldon and Missy have suspicions about what's going on with their family.[1]

Extended plot[]

The episode opens with the aftermath of Georgie's big revelation regarding Mandy and her pregnancy. George is freaking out and tries to make sure she is indeed pregnant and it is Georgie's baby. Georgie confirmed she took more than 1 pregnancy test, and it is definitely his. George is very surprised at her age being 29. He tells Georgie that the information must be revealed to Mary. Mary walks into the garage wonder what is going on. Georgie tells her the news, shocking her. The three of them argue over whether or not Georgie should marry Mandy. Missy is singing along to a Billy Ray Cyrus song when Sheldon comes in, wanting to know where their parents are as they are not around. Surprised by this, Missy heads to watch R-rated films. Sheldon goes to check on the garage, and tells them what Missy is doing. That night, George can't sleep so he goes to the kitchen, where he sees Mary smoking outside. He walks outside and sees she tries to hide it, but he says she earned this one. They talk about the whole situation and continue to debate about if the marriage should happen. They also reflect on when they were in this situation and how they handled things. George goes back to bed while Mary goes to yell at Georgie saying that while he was a gift from God, she is still very mad at him for his actions, and at herself for not raising him better. The next morning, Mary brings Meemaw to the table and starts to tell Meemaw what is going on, but Missy walks in, wanting to know details. Missy is told that nothing is wrong and should go get ready for school. Sheldon then comes by and gets his Thursday socks from the dryer and leaves. Mary apologizes for her out-of-wedlock pregnancy. Meemaw immediately realizes that Georgie got Mandy pregnant. In their room, Sheldon and Missy talk about the odd behavior in the kitchen. Sheldon thinks it is nothing, but Missy is worried about trouble in the family. George tells them he is taking them to school, wondering if he is sick. They try to get answers out of him but to no avail. Meemaw and Mary continue to talk when Georgie walks in. Meemaw says she knows everything, and because she is Mary's mother. George walks by and takes the twins to school. Meemaw goes to talk to Mandy (Emily Osment) about everything. She says she hasn't even told her parents yet, but Meemaw lets her know that she has her back. She also tells her that everyone is disappointed in Georgie. Later that night, Mary sends Missy and Sheldon to the Sparks house for a moment while everyone else prepares food for Mandy's visit. At dinner, Mary encourages Georgie to get married and raise their child as a Christian, which leads to an argument between Mary and George over their marriage. Mandy still refuses to marry Georgie, and points out that her dad will probably shoot Georgie with a firearm if he ever found out. When Mandy leaves and is on the porch, Georgie talks to her and wants to kiss her goodbye but is refuted. Meemaw comes out and talks to her, and explains that since Mary and George argued in front of her, she's already part of the family; Mandy appreciates Meemaw's honesty and commitment; although everything is awkward and strained. Back inside, Mary brings up religion and makes them say grace. It only gets worse when the topic of marriage comes up. This causes George and Mary to fight and Meemaw to start drinking. At the Sparks place, Billy and Brenda have a small talk while Brenda make dinner. He wonders why Sheldon and Missy are there and they say they think something is happening at home, such as their dad being sick or their parents are getting divorced. Brenda tells them that everything is fine and tells them to eat. The next day Georgie visits Mandy at her restaurant, and talk it out. It only succeeds with him annoying her, much to the awkwardness of customers. The episode ends with Missy telling Sheldon that she heard their parents talking about a baby. The twins think Mary is pregnant.






  • The 13th time Young Sheldon Cooper absent in the cold open.
  • Mostly Missy and Sheldon thought their mother Mary is pregnant, but it is Georgie ex-girlfriend Mandy is.
  • We know in the future Georgie doesn't have any children, so Mandy lost the child in the future.
    • This is later proven to be false in Season 6.

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