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"A German Folk Song and an Actual Adult" is the seventeenth episode of season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on April 13, 2023.


Georgie goes on a birthday date and Mary confronts Brenda about her relationship with George. Sheldon takes an interest in Missy's favorite TV show.[1]


Previously on Young Sheldon: Missy called Paige asking for her company on a road trip, but then they were apprehended by police in Louisiana. Bringing Missy back home, George and Mary reassured the teenage girl that they'll be laser-focused on her.

Now in this episode, Missy's grounded, and not allowed to watch TV, listen to music or even read a magazine. And Sheldon's annoyed about spring break. With both George and Mary out of the house, Missy begins to watch an episode of 90210 but Sheldon stops her. Missy does manage to get Sheldon to understand her situation by alluding to a Star Trek two-parter.

So Sheldon watches the 90210 episode and then recaps it to Missy. Of course Sheldon's retelling is missing all the subtext, so he watches the episode again, and realizes the importance of non-diagetic music.

Meanwhile, Mandy coordinates with Connie and Mary to prepare a special dinner for Georgie's eighteenth birthday. Georgie goes on a date with Amber to a Mexican restaurant. Georgie realizes he'd be quite happy to spend a night at home with Mandy and their daughter, little Constance.

Also, Brenda and Mary have a blow-up at the bowling alley and either Brenda fires Mary or Mary quits, it's not clear which. They're still neighbors, and Brenda insists on talking things over with Mary, almost spoiling Georgie's birthday cake. But they do come to something of an understanding.

Georgie comes to Connie's house earlier than expected, he tells Mandy how his date with Amber went. The episode ends with Georgie asking Mandy to marry him.






  • The 22nd time Young Sheldon Cooper absent in cold open.
  • How Mary will become worse and estranged by Missy.
  • Mary and Missy are more estranged right now and more in the future. Missy will become more rebellious in later episodes.
  • The episode of Beverly Hills: 90210 that Sheldon watches for Missy is "Perfectly Perfect", which first aired on March 24, 1993. Presumably Missy set up the VCR to record it and had a VHS tape ready (devices like TiVo were still a few years away). Missy tells Sheldon about some events in the show from a few episodes prior to "Perfectly Perfect".
  • Mostly right now it is 1993, Sheldon is in his sophomore year in college and Missy would be in the 7th grade.

Vanity Card[]



The German folk song of the title is "Die Gedanken sind frei", about how thoughts are free. Sheldon sings a mixture of German and English lyrics: "My thoughts will not cater / To duke or dictator / No man can deny / Die Gedanken sind frei."