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"A Free Scratcher and Feminine Wiles" is the fourteenth episode of season five of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on February 24, 2022.


Sheldon butts heads with Dr. Lee, a new scientist in the lab. Also, Mary wins a lotto ticket.[1]

Extended plot[]

The episode opens with Adult Sheldon narrating a fake battle between Dr. Linkletter and Dr. Sturgies in a fake boxing match. In real life, the two are fighting over science. They are looking at a drawing board with Sheldon putitng in his thoughts. The two men separate complain to President Hagemeyer, who wonders if they are referring to Sheldon or each other. She makes an attempt to be diplomatic but strained when Sheldon is involved. She strikes a balance between the three and scolds them to avoid playing favourites. Mary is at a gas station and asks for $40 on pump #2. Hal, the cashier, gives her a scratch off ticket saying the lottery was new and is giving freebies. She does not want it since it is a sin, but takes it home with her anyways. At the university, the men keep changing each other's forumals, arguing, and trying to one up each other. Hagemeyer is indifferent to this situation at all. She is fed up with the conflict so she brings in someone else to do better. Dr. Carole Lee is brought in to resolve things. She has a doctorate in physics and says she raised three boys so she can probably handle them. At home, Missy finds the lottery ticket in the trash and scratches it hoping it would win $500, only to get caught by Mary. She gets yelled at and the ticket taken away. Alone, Mary finishes scratching it, only to win the $500 Missy was hoping to win. Missy reminds her that she prayed for it and is entitled to half.

Mary is outside and prays over the gambling debacle when George comes in, wondering why Missy is saying they are rich. Mary explains the lottery ticket fiasco and he says maybe it happened for a reason. He gives her some suggestions, including getting a dishwasher. Missy wonders when they stopped being fun. George says it was when they had kids. Dr. Lee continues to hold the reigns. She quickly learns John Sturgis is able to speak Mandarin and Dr Linkletter speaks French. Also, at the same time, she wonders if Sheldon has an off switch; this comment gets the guys into her good graces as Linkeletter says his mode is only “On”. Sheldon talks to Dr. Lee and tells her that he feels as if he is not being taken seriously. She tries to convince him otherwise and that people do; he does not believe her. He tries to give her more suggestions to, but she tells him no in Klingon. Mary and George argue over the lottery money and potentially new dishwasher, which leads to George taking the ticket and leaving. Sheldon asks Missy for advice, but all she can do is offer how to be mean back. Mary talks to MeeMaw, who tells her how she can be a bit uptight. George for his part, talks to Principal Peterson about his issues with Mary. The Coopers are given sound advice on how to handle things. The family learnsn things are changing in between them. When George gets home, he returns the lottery ticket and lets Mary decide. Mary says they should do something fun with the ticket and suggests seeing the Ice Capades. He tells her to keep thinking. Later, they are excited about a new dishwasher. Missy didn't want to see what happens when a button lights up. Sheldon works on a plan to change the coordinates. He tries to the classroom, but gets locked out. He breaks in via the windowna d enters the computer. His act triggers an alarm, and a camera. Afterwrards, he is put back on the team after begging with a note from his mother. Dr. Lee comes to President Hagemyer's office; they drink and bond over being women in power in their respective fiels. Stories shared of their struggles and triumphs.