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"A Frat Party, a Sleepover and the Mother of All Blisters" is the thirteenth episode of season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on February 16, 2023.


Paige drags Sheldon to a college party and Missy gets caught in a lie.[1]


Sheldon remarks in a voice over that people like percussion. Sheldon knocks on neighbors to tells them to quiet down the music and party. He sees Paige and they talk, and she comes out to talk to them. She wants to stay away from him because she's underage and does not want to ruin any fun. She talks to him to get some food. Paige and Sheldon talk outside, telling him what happened in the meantime.

Dale and Meemaw are watching television sitcom Dinosaurs. Dale likes it while Meemaw does not like it. Mandy walks back home with a VHS copy of the 1982 film Tootsie, and Meemaw wants to watch it. They get a bit personal and they have sex. Dale feels his leg have a bit strained after some fun. At night, they are on the bed. Dale says "thank god" he can sleep in his bed the next night, something that prompts Meemaw to turn the thermostat so he would be bothered to leave.

At a pizzeria, Sheldon and Paige talk and eat some pizza. Someone walks by and Paige gets him to say it is for a fraternity.

Mandy is in her room while she hears a private conversation between Dale and Meemaw. She walks into the Cooper house, and she is allowed to stay.

Back in University, Paige goes into a party hosted at the Gamma Kappa fraternity, while Sheldon goes in after some hesitation. He gets called a name by the crowd, he goes to the bathroom upstairs in an effort to find her, but has encountered a line. Sheldon walks around and encounters Missy, who is surprised to see him there. Missy was there because her friend Heather's older sister is a student at the college. Missy and Sheldon are kicked out after he pulls the music of the party.

At home, Heather's mother calls home asking for Heather; Heather had told her mother that she was Missy at the house. George and Georgie go out to drive around to find her. In the car, Georgie says he will run a tight ship with hardline rules for his daughter and repercussions. They talk a bit and go to sleep.

Outside the party, Missy and Sheldon see Paige leaving with a guy, and tells the guy that she's very young, making Paige very unhappy and leave. The twins chase her to a fountain. She tells the pair that it is sad that she has no friends, but very smart. The three walk away and take her to his dorm where she sleeps there. Missy tries to convince Sheldon to not reveal the truth. Her absences causes her parents some worry. Both are worried.

The next morning, Missy returns home while her parents are at the table. She lies and says she was at Heather's place. Both decide to walk to her room and talk to her.





  • Matthew Josten as Bobby
  • Matt Anspach as Bradley




  • The scene at the fountain was shot on the Warner Brothers back lot. It is the same fountain from the intro to the TV show Friends (1994).
  • Adult Sheldon mentions that 30 years following this episode, he is still not laughing about what happened. Because Season 6 is set around 1993, it is possible Sheldon is narrating in 2023, which is the year this episode premiered.