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"A Frankenstein's Monster and a Crazy Church Guy" is the 5th episode of season seven of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on March 14, 2024.


Sheldon helps his roommate try to beat the stock market, Missy and Billy Sparks throws a party, and Mary finds a new church.[1]

Extended Plot[]

Sheldon comes in Evan's dorm and is surprised to find another person there, Evan comes in and introduces Joaquin to Sheldon, Evan explains that they're trying to beat the stock market to get rich and meet girls, Joaquin lures Sheldon in with suggesting him to buy his own stuff, Sheldon makes Joaquin scoot to help.

While Mary is watching Travis Lemon, Missy comes in and calls Travis Lemon the "crazy church guy", Missy wants to watch MTV but Mary suggests Missy to watch Reverend Travis' Rock Band, Missy leaves the room, when Travis Lemon shows the address on the TV, Mary goes to their church to donate.

Missy comes to Billy's house to watch TV, when Billy reveals that his mom's gone, Missy suggests throwing a party at his house since his mom's gone and suggests getting beer for the party.

Meanwhile at Evan's dorm, Sheldon calls Joaquin's coding elegant, but Joaquin tells a story to not use the word elegant, Sheldon asks what they're gonna do next, Evan explains that they're gonna buy the stocks the algorithm suggests and lures Sheldon in with his idea for buying a particle accelerator.

While Mary and Meemaw is chatting about how Meemaw is getting used to having a roommate, George comes in and asks whats $50 for ”R.T.L.M", Mary explains that she donated to Reverend Travis Lemon Ministries. Meemaw and George is surprised that she believes that stuff and George is mad that she's spending a week of groceries for nothing and leaves.

8 hours later, Sheldon and the guys finally doubles their income, Sheldon does the math and in 12-14 business days they will become millionaires, Evan and Joaquin is surprised by it and Joaquin takes a shower when he thinks he's finally getting coitus.

Missy tries to talk to Georgie about the party but Georgie immediately assumes she's pregnant, Missy's mad that he assumed that but Georgie tells her it's been known to happen, they go into the garage and Missy asks if dad would notice if she took some of his beer or can he buy them beer, Georgie denies all the ideas, but gives Missy a box of fireworks.

Missy then goes to Mandy for party advice to which Mandy's suggestions were getting good music and private make-out spots. Missy then asks about drinking and asks Mandy if she can buy it for them, but Mandy declines and says that the only underage person she's gonna buy beer for is Georgie. Missy says to Mandy that she really isn't cool and walks away, Mandy thinks about what Missy just said.

Meanwhile, George comes to Pastor Jeff to asks if Mary can come back to their church and if she can use their office, Pastor Jeff welcomes her at any time but gets interrupted by a phone call, when Peg goes to answer it, George immediately closes it for privacy, George asks if Pastor Jeff can ask Mary to go back to their church, Pastor Jeff says that he'll pray on it.

At Evan's dorm, Sheldon is shocked to see the algorithm having it's own mind and buying foreign stocks, Evan and Joaquin comes in and Sheldon shows them whats happening, Evan calls it fascinating but Joaquin wants to pull the plug as they're losing control like "frankenstein's monster", Sheldon is offended by it and says that he's on the monster's side, Sheldon sees the stocks being split and realizes that they have just built an algorithm that evolves on it's own.

At Medford's Mini Mart, Missy explains the plan to Billy to buy beer, the plan is to asks someone who's old enough to buy beer but young enough to be cool, Billy uses it on someone but immediately gets turned down, Missy also tries to use it on another person but fails when she gets asked her age and says that she's thirty. Meanwhile, two boys asks Billy to but them beer but Billy turns them down, Missy makes Billy realize it and Billy goes to buy beer.

When Pastor Jeff goes to ask Mary to join back the church, Pastor Jeff is surprised when Mary says that she's joined Reverend Travis's church, Pastor Jeff calls him an "snake oil salesman", Mary shows him the $800 she got when she donated $50 to them, Pastor Jeff says that it must've been in the mail and says that their postal service sucks, when Pastor Jeff said that the $800 had nothing to do with Jesus, Mary says that he sounds like Sheldon, and Pastor Jeff leaves.

While Missy is helping out with the party, Brenda calls and immediately knows about the party, when Missy says that they're making a dance floor, Brenda asks Billy not to dance, Missy sees Billy awkwardly dancing.

While Mary is praying to God about Reverend Travis, a crow poops on Mary's head, when Mary goes inside to clean her head, George makes a joke about it and laughs.

Sheldon is surprised when the stock is going slow and they're losing money, Sheldon reveals that he has added a new subroutine and to resolve the inconsistencies, Joaquin is losing his mind over it and asks Sheldon about the girls, Sheldon tries to calm him down but it makes it worse.

Meanwhile, Mary is having a really bad day, she develops pink-eye from the crow, she sees someone throw a party and they weren't invited, her car doesn't start, and she tries to kick the car for it but she hurts breaks her toe instead.

Sheldon and the guys are trying everything to make the computer stop, Sheldon doesn't know what to do but Joaquin throws the computer out the window, the guys look out the window to see the damage. Sheldon and Evan says that he could've just unplugged it or at-least opened the window.

While George is helping Mary heal her broken toe, George makes a joke about Reverend Travis, Mary says that maybe she'll stick it up George's butt, George gets offended by it but when Mary tries to go to bed, she gets hit by a firework from Missy and Billy's party, Mary goes to Pastor Jeff's house to say that she's going back to her church and tells Pastor Jeff to not look at her scorched bottom.

At Pastor Jeff's church, when Pastor Jeff is welcoming the Coopers back in, Missy throws up in the donation plate indicating that the party went incredibly great. Meemaw realizes it's beer and Mary is still wearing an eyepatch from the crow incident.





  • This is the first time we see Billy, Brenda, and Peg since Season 6.
  • Adult Sheldon does not narrate in this episode.
  • The name of Sheldon's roommate, Evan, is revealed in this episode.
  • The Coopers return to church in the episode.
  • Sheldon is not seen interacting with anyone in his family and does not appear at his house this episode.




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