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A Financial Secret and Fish Sauce is the fourth episode of the second season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. This episode aired on October 11, 2018.


While doing his parent's taxes, Sheldon finds a $300 discrepancy due to a missing check, leading to the revelation of some semi-scandalous activities involving George, Connie and Georgie.


Sheldon is in math class taught by Evelyn Ingram in school when he looks forward to the weekend. Simply because he is able to work on filing his parent's taxes. He collects content from the mailbox and starts looking when they are eating at the house. He talks about possible things, such as charity donations, as possible tax deductions.

Sheldon asks his dad about missing cheque #129. There was a missing $300 cheque that Sheldon is unable to account. George Cooper Sr. claims he gave it to a friend and asks Sheldon to not tell his mother; Sheldon is told to “be cool” and to keep it a secret.

At night as Mary tucks in Missy, Sheldon tries to be cool, which goes awkwardly. Missy calls him weird as usual; Sheldon tries to avoid being suspicious. He has maintained a complete silence, which arouses suspicion with his mother. In the kitchen, he hides under the kitchen drawer as Mary tries to see any problems. George walks to Meemaw's house and they are worried Sheldon will spill the beans; she blackmails George that she will tell the truth to Mary if she tells what George did at the church picnic.

At home, Sheldon calls a motel saying he wants to stay that night; he is shocked at the cost of the hotel.

At school, Sheldon talks to Tam Nguyen and asks about a sleepover. George Sr. drives him in the car; Sheldon expresses his discomfort while George is excited.

Over at his house, he adjusts to the house. He learns about culture in Vietnamese households such as shoes going on racks, cleaning hands before meals, while having no forks is a negative for him. Then they started playing a game that had the word “secret”, which forces Sheldon to make a confession. Sheldon confesses his secret; afterwards, he feels a weight was lifted off his shoulders. At night, they talk but Tam's parents tell them to sleep. The next morning, George picks up Sheldon to drive him home.

In the car, George Sr. tries to talk to Sheldon; Sheldon says that his dad was irresponsible for keeping the secret and no longer sees him as a role model; in spite this revelation, he will honor the deal to keep the secret. After they get home, George tells Mary about the missing check while she was doing the laundry, infuriating her as she is demanding answers.

Mary then goes over to confront Meemaw's house and then summons everyone to the living room. Meemaw and Georgie went to a bar, but Meemaw was drunk leaving Georgie to drive without a driver's license. A cop pulled them over, and they switched seats before the police officer walked up to their car. Not wanting Georgie to get in trouble with the law, Meemaw took responsibility, and she was arrested for a DWI, resulting in George using the money from the missing cheque to bail Meemaw out of jail. Mary is very mad for not telling her anything and proceeds to force him and George to live at Meemaw's house until further notice. Meemaw calls Mary and tells her the truth about the church picnic; George had a six pack of beer. He didn't want to wait in line for the washroom, and then walks to the church garden and urinates on the garden, shocking Mary as she ate the vegetables. Meemaw hangs up and laughs.