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"A Fancy Article and a Scholarship for a Baby" is the 9th episode of season seven of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on April 25, 2024.


Sheldon's published paper leads to a frenzy of grad school recruiting, and Georgie tries to speak more properly in front of his daughter.[1]


Mary gives Sheldon a mail from his former tutor, Mei-Tung Chen, Sheldon reads the note and reveals that their co-authored paper has been published in the International Physics Review, Mary gives a low reaction to it but when Missy comes home with an A on her project, she gets ecstatic, Sheldon also reveals it to George, who also gives a low reaction.

Later, at dinner, Meemaw comes over for dinner and the two siblings reveal their success, Sheldon tries to tell Meemaw what he had accomplished but Missy keeps telling him to dumb it down for her, he still can't explain it to her.

Georgie CeeCee

Georgie talking to CeeCee.

Meanwhile, Georgie tries to get CeeCee to eat her Cheerio's, Audrey comes in and suggests feeding her bananas or apple sauce, but when Georgie tries to talk, Audrey suggests speaking in a more proper way in front of CeeCee, Georgie thinks that it doesn't matter as "CeeCee ain't even talking yet".

At East Texas Tech, Sheldon shows his paper to Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter, but they both don't understand his paper, Dr. Sturgis describes Sheldon publishing a paper at 14 as "wunderkind!". The two of them talk to President Hagemeyer about it and they plan to describe the paper as "This is so advanced, even other brilliant scientists can't understand it".

At the Cooper household, Sheldon's paper causes a grad school enrollment frenzy, with Princeton calling Mary and Phil Lambert from Stanford university visiting their household, after some talking, Mary and George both agree to use this situation as best as they can.

While Mandy strolls CeeCee, Georgie reveals to Mandy that Audrey told him to proper his way of speaking, Mandy tells him to not mind her but when Georgie puts the thought of CeeCee speaking like him, Mandy suggests Georgie to take the same speech improvement class that she took when she was a weather girl.

Back to East Texas Tech, Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter tries to have lunch but an angry Hagemeyer storms in and reveals that various other grad school applicants have looked at Sheldon's paper, such as Princeton, Stanford, MIT, and CalTech, but, they plan to use Sheldon's love for Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter and hatred for change as a way to keep Sheldon in their school.

Mary and George caltech

Mary and George wearing CalTech shirts and hat.

Back to the Cooper house, more and more grad school applicants come in to try to get Sheldon to come to their grad school, George and Mary listen to what they're offering, but it gets unfair for MIT when Mary saw that they had no religious campaigns

When Sheldon tries to visit East Texas Tech, he is met by Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter whom uses the thought of leaving and change to persuade Sheldon to still keep going to their school.

Georgie book

Georgie reading a book.

Georgie takes Mandy and Audrey's advice and uses a book to better his language, Mandy says that he doesn't have to do it but Georgie replies that he's doing it for CeeCee, Mandy helps Georgie and tells him that he doesn't need a book, Mandy first begins with replacing "ain't" with "isn't", Georgie easily says it but struggles when Mandy instructs him to say "wasn't".

Cooper discussion

Discussing grad schools.

Back to Sheldon's grad school frenzy, George reveals that they're down to 5 grad schools, Stanford and Caltech in California, whom, Meemaw hates as it's in the left coast or also known as "the land of fruits and nuts", George continues and reveals that on the East coast, MIT, Harvard, and Princeton, Sheldon suggests East Texas Tech as it's closer but Mary reveals that they're also offering free travel, Sheldon is burdened with a hard decision.

Later at night, Missy comes out of her room and sees Sheldon's bedroom lights are on, she comes in and sees Sheldon trying to figure out where he's gonna go, Sheldon narrowed it down to the last two schools: MIT and CalTech, Missy says that no matter where he goes, she's turning his room to a dance studio.

In the morning, the last grad school applicant finally comes in: President Hagemeyer, Hagemeyer offers a full scholarship for Missy, Georgie, and their grandchild, CeeCee, Hagemeyer reminds them of how costly their tuition is gonna be 18 years from now.

Messy CeeCee

Georgie showing off his vocabulary to CeeCee.

Georgie finally shows off his improved vocabulary to CeeCee, and also incorrectly corrects Audrey's use of the term "who" and "whom".

Meanwhile, Sheldon still can't decide between MIT and CalTech, and when Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter comes in, he makes them choose between the 2 hats, Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter struggles and finally drops their act, Dr. Sturgis and Dr. Linkletter tells Sheldon that he can't stay at East Texas Tech, and that he has to choose the one where has a better future, and that their proud of Sheldon and thanks him for being a small part of his journey, Sheldon then asks where he should go but the two of them gives different answers.

Snowy Boston

Snowy Boston.

Later at night, Sheldon finally reveals that he has chosen MIT, but when he and George finally arrive in Boston, the extreme snow annoys Sheldon enough to choose CalTech.

At East Texas Tech, Dr. Sturgis, Dr. Linkletter, and President Hagemeyer all drink, Dr. Hagemeyer makes a joke about how she offered a scholarship for a baby, Dr. Sturgis proposes a toast for their lack of integrity.





  • Eddie Shen as Mr. Stevens
  • Troy Blendell as Phil Lambert
  • Melody Butiu as Mrs. Jameson
  • Bob Glouberman as Mr. Jensen
  • Reece Rios as Mr. Beaudry




  • With Sheldon finally getting grad school applicants, Sheldon is nearing his movement to CalTech and potentially, the death of his father.


Sheldon: "I'm going to MIT."
Adult Sheldon: "I know what you're thinking, wait for it."
Sheldon: (At the airport) "I'm so excited to visit MIT!"
George: "Me too, I'm proud of you son."
Sheldon: "Thank you dad."
(They arrive in Boston and is met by a snow storm)
Sheldon: "CalTech?"
George: "CalTech."
Adult Sheldon: "Told ya."