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A Crisis of Faith and Octopus Aliens is the third episode of the second season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. This episode aired on October 4, 2018.


Mary questions her faith in God after hearing about a sixteen-year-old girl in the congregation who died in an accident. Although Sheldon does not believe in God, as he challenges Pastor Jeff how God would look like in an alien planet with octopuses, he does help Mary find her faith in God again.


The Cooper family attend church every Sunday. On one day, Sheldon decides to ask a question during the middle of a sermon by Pastor Jeff and he gets response.

After Sunday sermon, the family and Meemaw is at the family table. Sheldon wants to go to RadioShack but isn't promised. Mary receives a phone call and is told that the daughter of Stephanie Hanson had died. Sheldon asks again, only for Meemaw to question if this is the appropriate time to ask that question. George and Mary head to the funeral while the 3 kids stay home with Meemaw.

Mary visits the church and talks to Peg and seeks to talk to the Pastor. She then walks into the office, and talks to the office, and talks about the death of the girl. Pastor Jeff talks about ways to improve her morale. The next morning, Mary is a higher mood; she plans on doing more things that day.

She has formed a religious group with people attending people. At the same time, she has formed a faith garden that George brings a large rock for the garden; in time, she has produced lots of flowers. At night, Mary prays for Sheldon in hopes for the better. In her garden, she prays for the Hanson family in their time of grief; when she gets up, she kicks the stool in a fit of grief and sadness.

While in the car, Georgie asks his dad when he can get a learner's permit; this request was refused so much in the aftermath of the death. Georgie somewhat convinces his dad that he can be responsible.

Mary takes her mother to a bar named Lucky's Place, where they take drinks of alcohol. The pair play a game of billiards. She tells her mother about her feelings and why she was behaving like that for the past week.

Meanwhile, George Cooper Sr. tucks the kids in; Missy gets a kiss from her dad as it was usual for her mother to do so. Sheldon refuses. George Sr. answers the door to Mary drunk and brought home by her mother and then takes her to bed.

The next day, on a Sunday, Mary misses church and Sheldon comforts his mother on events. Sheldon talks about science and brings her back to normal. They sit on the porch, resolving her personal trauma.

At a sermon, Meemaw raises her hand and says her grandson has a question; Pastor Jeff sighs with a look of disapproval on his face.





  • Jonney Ahmanson as Bruce
  • Bunnie Rivera as Prayer Group #1
  • Heather McPhaul as Prayer Group #2
  • Joyce Greenleaf as Prayer Group #3
  • Anthony S. Johnson as Prayer Group #4
  • Brian Chenoweth as Prayer Group #5




  • The events of the episode occurs over a week. The end scene with the church service occurs a week alter.
  • Goof – When the family sits down to dinner with a pizza, Mary take a slice, but in the next shot, the pizza is still whole.