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A Couple Bruised Ribs and a Cereal Box Ghost Detector is the eighteenth episode of the third season of Young Sheldon. The episode aired on March 12, 2020.


After George Sr. accidentally causes an injury to the school librarian Ms. Hutchins, she stays with the Cooper family. She makes Sheldon see he was wrong and he apologizes to Dr. Sturgis. Meanwhile, Connie questions Georgie about Dale before she and Dale agree to a committed relationship. Georgie doesn't want that with Jana so she dumps him.


Mary receives a call from Dr. Sturgis about Sheldon's call to Dr. Linkletter. Mary talks to Sheldon telling him that he was wrong to get John in trouble, and that he thinks he should take a break from his college classes, for the time being. While he may be intelligent, he is not mentally mature enough for college.

While Sheldon is ranting to Tam about his mom's decision, he kinda agrees with Sheldon's parents, that he's not mature enough. Despite his efforts, Sheldon continues to prove them all right.

At the football game, George is talking to Mrs. Hutchins when a player catches a ball and accidently tackles her in the process. Everyone is shocked and they call an ambulance. At the hospital, she is healed. George and Mary offers to let her stay in with them until she gets back on her feet. She stays in Georgie's room while he goes to Meemaw's. Meemaw talks to Georgie while Georgie is watching television. She talks to him about getting serious with Jana. Meemaw tells him that he isn't tied down until he's married. Georgie then tells her that Dale also told him that and that he is still close with his ex-wife. Hutchins asks if someone can go to her house to feed her cats Edgar and Allen, and her 3rd cat Poe already ran away. George goes there and opens the door, to see a cat run out. Later, he comes home with scratches on his face. Meanwhile, during breakfast, Mary and Sheldon continue to argue about whether or not Sheldon returns to college, and he snaps saying that if it was her choice, Sheldon would still be in elementary school as he storms off.

Connie proceeds to ask Dale about it and Dale assures her that she is the only girl he's seeing. He also points out that he's friends with his ex just like Connie and John. Georgie tells Jana that he wants to see other girls in addition to her. As Sheldon continues sulking and pouting that nobody cares enough about his welfare, Ms. Hutchins gets through to him with a story about a time when she and a friend had a falling out and they were never friends again. He then apologizes to John and circles back to Mary. As Mary tucks Missy and Sheldon into bed, Sheldon apologizes to his mother about his behavior. She forgives him and says to him while Sheldon may have apologized to Dr. Sturgis, it doesn't mean that he returns to college. He then says that she may be the one jeopardizing their relationship, as Mary says she is willing to take that risk as she turns the lights off.

The next day, George is watching television the news covers the football incident. The station reporter does a replay and George says this is not news.




Sheryl Hutchins visits Coach Cooper

Ms. Hutchins meets George before the accident.



  • Title Reference:
    • A Couple Bruised Ribs: Miss Hutchens' injury.
    • A Cereal Box Ghost Detector: The gimmicky no-tech device Missy uses to "prove" the Cooper house is haunted.