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"A Clogged Pore, a Little Spanish and the Future" is the twenty-second episode and season five finale of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on May 19, 2022.


Sheldon struggles to cope with the first signs of puberty, Mary and George Sr. both hunt for new jobs, and Georgie and Meemaw take a business trip across the border.[1]

Extended Summary[]

The season finale opens with Adult Sheldon (Jim Parsons) talking about superheroes.

George is at Nate's Roundhouse drinking when Roy arrives and tries to talk to him while offering to buy him a beer. However, George is not having any of it due to him knowing about how his job is on the line and wants to rub salt in his wounds.

The next day, Sheldon discovers a zit on his face. Penn and Teller (as themselves) parody a puberty health video that describes Sheldon's current situation. Mary tells him that everyone gets one. Missy makes fun of him for it. Sheldon retorts saying his health is impeccable.

At school, George thinks Roy will get the job. Wayne lets him know that he was offered the job, but wanted to talk to him about it before accepting it. This causes a mad George to walk into Principal Tom's office; He quits on the spot before inevitably getting fired at the end of the year, wishing to go out on his own terms.

Georgie's at the Laundromat, selling alcohol to patrons such as Wade. Meemaw walks in and tells him it's illegal. Georgie retorts saing she is paying off the cops; He needs the money for the child. Meemaw walks to wade and finds out he already finished the drink.

At the doctor's office. Sheldon is told he just has a pimple while Penn and Teller continue to parody. The doctor says it is just a pimple and not Monkeypox nor any other disease.

He walks into Professor Linkletter, forcing him to talk. Sheldon wanted to discuss about puberty; as a result, he calls for President Hagemeyer to come over and talk because he wanted to avoid any litigation. They talk about stuff from their younger days as they reminiscent. She went to France with a man she met at a bar and missed her grandmother's funeral. He had been able to count to 25 digits of pi, but now he barely recalls where he parked.

George tells Mary he quit his job due to bad performance. She is upset they need to uspport the family; At the backyard, they look at the classified Mary found. They are not able to find something due to qualifications.

Georgie and MeeMaw plot to make more money. He has an idea about buying cigareettes from Mexico and selling them at the casino-laudnromat with a high markup. They will drive south of the border to do so. He asks Wade to go, but Meemaw intervenes and does not let him go; They will go to it goether.

Mary comes homes and tells them for the local grocery store Davidson's, George is apithetic to that idea as he did not like it when he was younger. They fight and Mary storms off in anger.

That night Sheldon dreams about his family's life going awry as Sheldon portrays versions of himself as George, Mary, Meemaw, and Georgie. Penn and Teller continue to give commentary on his puberty journey.

He wakes up from the dream and asks Missy for help via walkie talkie. She goes in to his room to help him and they have a sweet heart to heart; She mentions she likes Vanilla Ice and marries him. (which Sheldon thinks is a snow cone).

The next day George is home watching TV when Mary asks him to look at the classifieds. He doesn't want to, leading for her to storm off in anger once again.

Georgie and MeeMaw drive to Mexico and bond whilst listening to Johnny Cash.

Mary visits Brenda at the bowling alley to try and get a job. Brenda doesn't want to give her a job, but Mary insists it is right up her alley. She also admits everything is falling apart.

Missy at home helps Sheldon pop his pimple, ending the Penn and Teller parody and commentary.

George comes home in a bad mood. Mary tells him she got a job, but he feels weird since it is with Brenda. However, before he can comment, Meemaw calls. She reveals that she and Georgie got arrested at the border with Mexico.

The episode ends with Sheldon pulling out and wearing his Flash t-shirt that became iconic on “The Big Bang Theory.”





  • Penn Jillette as A.V.
  • Teller as Puss


  • The 14th time Young Sheldon Cooper absent in the cold open.
  • Sheldon Cooper reflects his future in his clothes that he wears in The Big Bang Theory.
  • Mary and George are both out of work.
  • This is the only appearance of Teller who portrayed Larry Fowler.
  • Georgie and Meemaw are arrested in the border in Mexico.

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