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"A Broom Closet and Satan's Monopoly Board" is the second episode of the third season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. This episode aired on October 3, 2019.


Without Dr. Sturgis' university class, Sheldon must find a new way to stay academically challenged. Also, Mary helps Pastor Jeff avoid temptation with his girlfriend.[1]

Extended Plot[]

Ms. MacElroy is taking attendance. While Georgie is in class, Sheldon seems to be missing and Georgie has no idea where he's gone. Meanwhile, Sheldon is tiptoeing through the school corridors and soon enters a hidden broom closet where he settles down with his books, a lamp and stationary. Adult Sheldon recollects how the arrangement made up for the absence of Dr. Sturgis's class.   Mary is at work. She goes to meet pastor Jeff at his office and finds Officer Robin in there along with him. After she's gone, Mary says that she likes the way things are going with Robin, but Jeff is worried that things might’ve been going too well. Mary doesn't understand. He explains how he's not supposed to be romantically inclined towards someone out of wedlock, but his heart's treading in the other direction. Mary soon shares this gossip with George and reveals her new responsibility to ensure that he's under control. George doesn't understand why it's such a big deal, given that he was married before. Mary explains how The Bible sees sexual immorality as a sin and that George would’ve known if he visited the church a bit more.

As Sheldon continues to miss classes, Coach Wilkins speaks to George about him. George soon has a word with Mr. Givens, Ms. Evelyn and Ms. Macelroy learning that Sheldon's been skipping classes for a whole week in spite of being driven to school everyday. Only after approaching Tam (Ryan Phuong), who blurts out Sheldon's location, does George pay him a visit. He straightaway refuses to come out testing George's patience. George calls Mary and complains about it. She is at work simultaneously helping Pastor Jeff decide on which shirt to wear for his date with Robin and she's got no time to handle it. Given George is at school too, she asks him to deal with it. It turns out he can't either as he's busy with practice. Mary feels that he's belittling her job. She orders him to fix the situation and hangs up. Peg, who just witnessed the showdown, praises Mary for how she gave George an earful.

After driving Sheldon and Missy home from school, George orders Sheldon to go to his room. Seeing Sheldon do so gladly, Missy points out how he'll just read in there and instead advises dad to pull the plugs on “Professor Proton.” George asks her to stay out of it and follows the suggestion immediately. He and Mary soon argue over how he did nothing apparently. As per him, he took a decision in his limited downtime to let Sheldon be as he was safe and in the campus itself. Mary explains that their son needs to mingle with people to develop social skills. George taunts her by mentioning how she knows the way out and should better handle it. Georgie comments on how someone will be sleeping on the couch that night, just before receiving a pair of death stares. Meemaw feels that Sheldon's acting out as he's missing Dr. Sturgis's classes and that she can help by approaching John's colleague. She soon calls and requests Dr. Linkletter to allow Sheldon to attend his lectures given the circumstances. He hits on her and asks for a possible date but Meemaw dodges the question.   While Sheldon is replaying the previous “Professor Proton” episode in his head Meemaw discloses the new substitute professor news to him while his parents are fighting in the kitchen. Pastor Jeff calls and complains about how nice Robin's smelling and good she's looking in her attire. Georgie, who's eavesdropping on the line, wants to know more. Mary makes him hang up.   George and Wilkins go out for drinks. George discusses about his marital disturbance. Wilkins reveals how he and his wife fight about who loves the other one more, whose turn is it to foot rub, etc. Once they fought about how the toilet paper should hang but ended up making love on the bathroom floor. He advises George to take Mary on a date. George gets home and asks her out on one.

Meemaw drops Sheldon off at Linkletter's class. Sheldon notices the same surroundings but the different air. He is soon introduced to the professor. Linkletter asks Meemaw to stay through the lecture but she knows better. After she's gone Linkletter warns Sheldon that the lecture will be rather advanced. Sheldon asks him not to worry as he'll be seated in the first row.

George and Mary go to a steakhouse for their date. They don't seem to connect as they're either peering down at the menus or Mary is worrying about are the kids and wondering if they're up to anything stupid. At home Georgie indulges Missy into summoning spirits using a Ouija board. Missy is scared. Just as she is about to start the summoning, they receive a call from Pastor Jeff who wants to speak to Mary. Missy ends up lying to him regarding what they're doing at home and is now scared that she'll go to hell.

On the date George apologizes Mary for ruining her evening. Mary says its not ruined and wants to know how he got the idea about the date. He shares what Wilkins told him and reminisces the good freebird times that they had before having kids. Mary doesn't agree initially, but does so eventually. She asks more about the Wilkins and their date starts to turn into a great one!

Pastor Jeff and Robin are on a date, too. Things get heated up and they're about to kiss when Jeff receives a call from Missy. She's freaking out over how she lied and will be going to hell. The pastor calms her down saying that she won't, but Missy isn't comforted as she believes that God can see everything. This hits the pastor. After he's done speaking to Missy, he apologizes to Robin saying that he can't pursue someone out of wedlock. Robin respects his decision and asks when are they getting married. The pastor is bewildered.





  • Caleigh Kilpatrick as Abigail Baker