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A Boyfriend's Ex-Wife and a Good Luck Head Rub is the fifteenth episode in the third season of Young Sheldon, which was aired on CBS on February 13, 2020.


Meemaw meets Dale's ex-wife, June. Also, Sheldon Cooper is forced to work on a group project with reluctant college students.


Meemaw meets a woman named June while waiting for Missy's baseball practice. It's apparently running late due to Billy's tummy issues. June pranks Meemaw by claiming to be Billy's grandma, but soon reveals that she's Evan's grandmother. Meemaw realizes that she is actually Dale's ex-wife as Evan is his grandchild, too. Meemaw reveals about dating Dale, but June already knew that. Both ladies hit it off. They decide to meet for drinks.   Sheldon hates groups since the dawn of time. He feels violated upon being forced into a group project by Dr. Sturgis's. Sam and Keit are his partners. Sheldon wants to do it individually. Keith is puzzled as to why Sheldon is having a hard time as he's the one stuck with a child. A helpless Sheldon even offers to do it alone and credit them rightfully, but it's of no use as John isn't making an exception for anyone. Sam wants to get it over with at a coffee shop, but Sheldon's bath and bedtime is a deterrent. Keith wonders if his dorm would be okay, but when Mary comes to pick up Sheldon says she isn't comfortable with it. She suggests their house and ensures good food as well as laundry services for Keith. They agree.

Dale doesn't like the idea of Meemaw having drinks with June, but is reminded of his camping trip with John. He wonders if Meemaw is interested in finding out dirt and confesses to have built some odd memories. He shares about an embarrassing Halloween night and another when he locked out June during a hailstorm. When Dale wonders if she had a funky past, Meemaw offers him to check with her dead husband to unearth her dark secrets.   Mary is baking cookies for Sheldon's group study. Missy picks up one and then joins Georgie to visit the mall. The siblings got permission from dad, but Mary didn't give it. She stresses that George's permissions don't count but they leave anyway. The bell rings. It's Sam and Keith and his bag of dirty laundry.   Meemaw and June meet for drinks. June compliments her blouse. Meemaw admits being nervous as it's her first time going out with a boyfriend's ex-wife. After jumping from topic to topic, the ladies finally get to Dale. Meemaw shares how he confessed to the hailstorm incident. June adds that she was naked and holding a golf club, but ultimately blames the 70's. They burst into laughter until Meemaw spots John. June is amused upon learning that he's Meemaw's ex because he and Dale are no way similar. John comes up to their table and reveals that it's his new hangout spot where he also offers a head rub for luck to fellow patrons who're betting on football. Still startled, Meemaw does an elaborate introduction.   At the group study Keith takes the lead. He silences Sheldon and asks Sam to write on the board as she probably has the best handwriting. Sam finds his comment sexist. As they continue, Sheldon gets distracted by Keith's pacing around while Sam is still offended by his earlier remark. Mary gets them food and finds Keith storming out for coffee, Sam going on a cigarette break and Sheldon sighing in relief as he can now get some work done in solitude.

Georgie and Missy discuss hotdogs at the mall. Missy spots her crush Marcus (London Cheshire) and hides. Georgie feels that she's way too young to like boys and claims to have been much older when he started liking girls. It's a lie. Missy reveals that Marcus doesn't like her. Georgie misses the time when she wanted to marry Alf. Meanwhile, at the bar June is curious to know more about Dale and John's camping trip. Both have ill to speak about Dale and this makes Meemaw uncomfortable. John changes the subject and boasts about mastering football lingo. He demonstrates it by socializing with one of the patrons there. June is in awe upon learning that the football aficionado also has a PhD in Quantum Chromodynamics.   George is watching a Yankees game and Keith joins him. Remembering his dear friend Dr. Sturgis, it seems George is surprised to know that some scientists can actually appreciate sports! Sam is out smoking and Mary gets her coffee. Sam asks her to quit giving them special treatment. Mary wonders if Sheldon did something wrong. It turns out that Sam is frustrated with the patriarchy in her field which makes her feel constantly belittled. She hates how Mary's assistance in laundry and snacks makes guys see women as mere “no-takers” and “mommies.” Mary feels that she's just being a good host. She appreciates Sam's work but at the same time stresses that it was her conscious decision to be a wife and a mother and that she's simply trying to be the best at it. Mary adds that Sheldon looks down on everyone, not only women and that his mood gets way worse when his blood sugar drops.   Missy spots Marcus again. Georgie asks her to approach him, but she's nervous just staring at his handsome face from a distance.   Keith complains to George about women being mad at him and Sheldon considering him dumb. George oddly relates to that. He suggests Keith to enjoy this glorious phase of being twenty, independent and smart as it's the best it would ever get. He reminisces about his own past when he could enjoy life and chug away without worries about donning a beer belly. He motivates Keith to go back in, finish the group project and treat himself to a keg party later. The trio gathers and works smoothly for four whole minutes until Keith resumes silencing people. Sam fights back at his commands and Sheldon politely asks Keith and his laundry to take leave.

At the mall Georgie helps Missy gather courage to go say hi to Marcus. She keeps it cool and casual while talking to him, as instructed. Georgie observes closely but shouts reflexively when Marcus pats Missy's shoulder. The brother doesn't approve of touching...yet!   John rings up Meemaw to know if June seemed interested in him the other night. He wonders if she'd ask this to her for him, but Meemaw says no. She does share June's number with him though. John calls her up only to know that she didn't find a connection between them which could romantically interest her. John is disappointed as he was looking for someone to help him move on from Meemaw. June asks him not to give up on Meemaw yet as she noticed something in the way she was looking at him the other night. Moreover, having been married to Dale for decades she knows that he'll mess this up soon enough. John is filled with hope and happiness.

Cast and Characters[]

Georgie and Missy on Permission from Dad

Mary almost stops Georgie and Missy from going to the mall without her permission.

Sheldon finally gets to study with Keith and Sam

Sheldon, Keith and Sam finally work together on the group project... but not for very long.




Vanity Card[]


  • Keith and Sam are similar to Leonard and Penny. Both of them couldn't stand Sheldon.
  • The 4th time Young Sheldon Cooper absent in cold open.
  • Reba McEntire (June) whom Meemaw met in this episode is the real life partner of Sheldon's school principal Rex Linn (Principal Tom Petersen) since 2020.