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A Baby Tooth and the Egyptian God of Knowledge is the twentieth episode of the third season of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on April 16, 2020.


Sheldon has a scientific breakthrough at the dentist's office. Also, Dale and Meemaw go to the casino, and Georgie makes a big mistake when Dale leaves him in charge of the store.


Sheldon, Missy, and Mary visit the dentist. Dr. Bowers lets Mary know that Sheldon needs to undergo a milk tooth extraction to prevent his other teeth from growing crooked. Both of them try coaxing each other to break the news to the patient. Ultimately, Mary bears the brunt and lets her son know on their ride home. Sheldon gets scared thinking about the anesthesia, the needles and the blood while Missy enjoys the show.

Dale and Meemaw spend most of their date night at the store as Dale is still working. Bored, Meemaw suggests a weekend getaway. Dale decides to have Georgie in charge of the store while he's away. Sheldon, who's looking for alternatives to anesthesia, goes to the library to find answers. He seeks help of Ms. Hutchins to issue a Lamaze book which isn't otherwise available in the library. Missy is clueless as to why Sheldon's practicing Lamaze and is made to believe that if it can help women deliver babies, it'd surely help with tooth extraction. However, she vows to never have kids and if she does she'd prefer drugs! Dale informs Georgie about his weekend plans and that he's to handle the store for those two days. Georgie is thrilled. In order to kick-start his managerial stint, he starts with changing the “grandpa” music at the store.

Mary and Sheldon are back at the clinic. Even though Mary isn't keen, Dr. Bowers insists for her to be present while they do the extraction. Sheldon lets Dr. Bowers know that he would do Lamaze breathing instead of taking anesthesia and insists on a “no poking with needles” policy. However, upon being shown the spanner-like tooth extractor, Sheldon chooses anesthesia over Lamaze.   Meemaw gives a heads up to Dale on being a regular at the casino so that he doesn't freak out later. Dale calls himself a non-gambler, but given that he put Georgie in charge of the store Meemaw believes otherwise. Dale feels that his date underestimates her grandson way too much, but Meemaw calls him naive. Dr. Bowers and Mary struggle to get Sheldon to count backwards from one hundred while he and the hygienist administer anesthesia. Sheldon believes that it's way too easy for him and decides to calculate the matrix coefficient for Unified Field Theory instead. Back at the store, Georgie aces at getting customers to have a great shopping experience as he personally attends to each one of them. Once under, Sheldon starts dreaming about being escorted into a carnival tent by Dr. Sturgis (Wallace Shawn). Once inside the tent, Sheldon meets Thoth, the Egyptian God of Knowledge. He asks him about the universally sought-after explanation of the Unified Field Theory, but before he can get his answers Sheldon finds himself back home on the sofa yanked out of his delirium.

As the day goes by, Georgie happily hops back to the cash counter only to find all the money stolen in broad daylight! Meanwhile, Meemaw and Dale are enjoying themselves at the casino, pulling lucky strides. The couple soon hit the bar. In order to extrapolate his unfinished dream, Sheldon asks Mary about his under-anesthesia mumbles. Mary doesn't quite remember as his words were random and weren't making any sense. At the bar, Meemaw asks Dale to start thinking about retirement and have some fun. The couple laughs as Dale still doesn't consider himself old. Suddenly, he asks Meemaw to marry him and even professes his love for her. Meemaw, who is taken aback by his sudden proposal, doesn't reciprocate as he expected her to. Thwarted, Dale leaves. Georgie calls 911 to report a robbery worth four hundred dollars, but drops the idea as he doesn't want things to get messy. He decides to let go of his own stash that he was saving up to buy his dream car in order to make up for the loss.

Sheldon tries various ways of getting back to his unconscious state, from the sauna and self-hypnosis to “spin till you hurl,” but nothing works. He then calls Dr. Bowers, and he refuses to give him more anesthesia unless it was a medical emergency. Ultimately, despite being warned against what he was about to do, Sheldon prepares a highly concentrated chamomile tea syrup in his makeshift laboratory. He drinks the solution and lays down on his bed waiting for the potion to work its magic. Meanwhile, Meemaw remains amused by Dale's childish reaction to her not wanting to marry. She repeatedly says that it's nothing personal but Dale, who devoted so much time to her and helped her family in ways more than one, feels otherwise. Sheldon, who's still lying down, starts hearing sounds in his empty room. He finds Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Richard Feynman, Professor Proton and Cyndi Lauper speaking to him through their posters. While Sheldon's desperate for that Unified Field Theory answer, the prodigies explain to him that a true scientist would enjoy the quest more than being given the answers ready on a platter. Sheldon realizes that they are right and makes peace with not knowing Thoth's answers. He also realizes that the chamomile concentration might have been a little too high as his gut begins to retaliate forcing him to deploy “Bathroom Emergency” protocol.

Georgie returns to the store the next day and is shocked to find the door unlocked, however even more shocked to see Dale, as he didn't expect him to arrive early. Dale asks him how the earlier day went, and Georgie fills him on the good parts and the worst part (the theft). Dale is furious to learn about it, however, Georgie goes back home to get his own money to make up for the loss. He arrives back and Dale takes it, but without saying another word, he fires Georgie.





  • Arriane Alexander as Customer #2
  • Christian Benz Belnavis as Customer #1
  • Dave Fennoy as Thoth
  • Rich Grosso as Croupier
  • Phil Hendrie as Albert Einstein (voice)
  • Cyndi Lauper as Herself (voice)
  • John Mariano as Richard Feynman (voice)
  • Bob Rumnock as Older Man
  • Ryan Stiles as Dr. Bowers


Missy's Never Having Kids -- or so she says

Missy declares she'll never have kids. She couldn't be more wrong.

  • George Sr. does not appear in this episode. This is the first time that any of Sheldon's family members, except Meemaw, who didn't appear in the first two episodes of the show, is absent from an episode. This is also the only episode that George doesn't appear in in any way.
  • It is revealed that Missy had 4 children instead of just 2 (son and unknown baby) as mentioned in The Big Bang Theory. The gender of the other 2 was never confirmed.
  • It is implied that Dale has a bad side because of his marriage proposal rejection from Connie and having fired Georgie from the store. It's implied that Georgie's firing was a partial result of being turned down by Meemaw.