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"A Baby Shower and a Testoterone-Rich Banter" is the twelfth episode of season six of the American sitcom Young Sheldon. The episode aired on February 9, 2023.


Mary butts heads with Mandy's mother, Audrey, and Sheldon attempts male bonding.[1]


In an voice over, Sheldon likes funerals and baby showers because he does not need to attend. Mary and Meemaw are discussing ideas about a baby shower. Mandy refuses one. Georgie comes in and saying he will gon a date with Amber on Sunday. Mandy knows about it.

Mary asks Mandy whether she wants to invite anyone, but she has no one. Mary wants to invite her mother, and Missy interprets Mandy's hesitation as a no. Mandy wants to keep it small because none of her friends know at all.

At the dinner table, they talk about the baby shower. Mary walks into the tire shop to talk to Audrey McAllister and gives an invitation to Mandy's baby shower, and by extension her brother. At the same time, Mary apologizes for calling her a terrible mother. Audrey is surprised she is told the future grandchild is a girl, since she did not, and she would be glad to plan it.

Sheldon goes into Dr Linkletter's office and asks for access at the lab, but since it is a Sunday, it requires adult supervision. Linkletter learns of the reasons and tells Sheldon it is time to use the time on Sunday to improve the male bonding experience.

At home, Mary, Meemaw, and Audrey are talking about a party and what to do. Castle cake was decided, and suddenly takes over.

Sheldon comes into the Video Village store, and is given the movie Bingo by Missy. She secretly laughs at that.

George and Amber get in his car and thank each other with a kiss. They bond and talk about a bit George's personal situation, as she is uncomfortable with talking about her ex-husband.

Mary comes home and vents to George about Mandy's mom needing to take over control over everything. Sheldon comes home with the video. The next day, Georgie comes home and is told by Mandy the house is decorated for the party. He gives her a locket with the sonogram of their child, an idea by Amber.

Mandy is upstairs and Missy comes in to talk to her, showing the locket.

George greets Mandy's father and her brother Connor, and shows them the brisket. The two fathers are not too proud of their kids. Georgie talks to Connor a bit, who does not have the similar interests. Sheldon walks in; They talk about random pranks and such. Sheldon tells himself that he is bonding with the pair.

In the living room, Mandy comes in and the ladies comes to talk about possible baby weight. Missy says 18 pounds, and Meemaw says 7 pounds and the baby will slide out. Mandy starts unveiling gifts. The one from Brenda are pads for leakages. Missy wants to ask a question, but Mary tells her to ask later. Mandy opens her mother's gifts and it is a key to a nursery at the guest room. Mandy decides to leave, with Meemaw's help getting up.

Audrey storms out as well, sternly commanding her husband Jim and Connor that they are leaving and returning home.

At night, Georgie looks at the bra, and tries it on, with nipple cream, something he takes delight and wishes he was at the baby shower.





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