The Rothman Disintegration es el decimoséptimo episodio de la Quinta Temporada. Se estrenó el 8 de Marzo de 2012.

Resumen[editar | editar código]

The retirement of Professor Rothman opens up an office that both Sheldon and Kripke want to move into. The university president makes them settle it between themselves. After they can not agree on a competitive game, the gang ends up in a gymnasium. Unfortunately, they are both equally bad at sports and neither of them win until they have a ball bouncing contest which Sheldon wins. Typically, Sheldon is thrilled with his latest acquisition until the air conditioning is too cold because the professor in the neighboring office is having hot flashes, the upstairs geology department is too noisy and the birds are "completely out-of-tune" with the windchimes. Finally, his curiousity gets the better of him and he gets his head stuck in a hole in the wall, which Leonard photographs before he goes for help.

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